Open Volunteer Position – Center Services

Open Volunteer Position - Center Services
Location and Language

Zurich or the area, English and/or German

Time commitment

1-2 hours / week on average

What are the responsibilities?
  • Responsible for the supply, management and promotion of the Lhagsam store and library
  • Ensures the availability of necessary supplies in the gompa and the Lhagsam coffee corner
What is your profile?
  • No prior experience required – training will be provided
  • Likes shopping and is comfortable with keeping accounting records


All of you who are helping the center and working at the center, you are helping every sentient being, every animal, every ant in the differing universes, every mosquito, all the different kinds of fish, every slug, every mouse, every maggot, and every tiny flea.

Thank you very much. Please enjoy life with the good heart. That is the best way to enjoy the life. With a good heart, this causes inner happiness that goes up to enlightenment.

– Lama Zopa Rinpoche