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Discovering Buddhism: Presenting the Path (Online and at Lhagsam)

We are following  the course ‘Presenting the Path’ from the FPMT Discovering Buddhism program. The course will continue every Tuesday evening until the end of August. You can jump in in the middle of the course, if you like.

WHEN: Tuesdays, 19.00 – 21.00
WHERE: Online and at Lhagsam Tibetan Meditation

Download the Vajrasattva Purification Meditation here.

Join us via Zoom or at the Lhagsam location. The Zoom meeting can be accessed with the following link and login. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Meeting ID:881 6834 5157
Password: 006734

Lhagsam location: As we move into the reopening of our physical space, we kindly ask you to register if you plan to join the session in person. Due to Covid-19, we are currently limited to 15 participants at our centre. REGISTER HERE

If your path teaches you to act and exert yourself correctly and leads to spiritual realizations such as love, compassion and wisdom, then obviously it’s worthwhile.

– Lama Thubten Yeshe

The ultimate goal of the Buddhist path is enlightenment – the ultimate happiness. If you are new to Buddhism, this course with Ven. Robina Courtin you will get a good idea of what the Buddhist practice is all about and which elements of it you could use to bring more joy and balance into your life. If you are a more experienced student, use this course as a way to get the big picture of the path and to understand, where you are at the moment.

Buddha’s teachings have been nicely packaged by the Tibetans, in particular Lama Tsong Khapa’s tradition, into a graduated path called the lam-rim. In the lam-rim the essential points of Buddha’s extensive explanations of psychology and philosophy are extracted and presented from A to Z in such a way that they can be internalized, experienced as something relevant to one’s life – which is the point of all the teachings.

By meditating on Buddha’s views again and again and from many angles, we are compelled to reassess at ever deeper levels the fundamental assumptions that we hold as truths and that Buddha has shown to be completely untrue. Buddha says that the extent to which these assumptions are out of sync with how things actually are is the extent to which we suffer and the extent to which, therefore, we harm others. Thus, a consequence of practice is the ending of suffering, nirvana – a psychological state of total, never-ending happiness and peace for the benefit of all beings.

‘Presenting the Path’ is the third of fourteen modules being offered in the Discovering Buddhism program, taught by Venerable Robina Courtin. In this module, we will get a clear idea of the path to enlightenment, especially its three main components: renunciation, bodhichitta, and the right view of emptiness. Throughout this course, we will obtain an overview of the entire Tibetan Buddhist path to awakening.


Cost: Suggested donation is 10 – 20 CHF. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. You can donate upon arrival or online (via Paypal, Twint or E-Banking).

Language: Teaching and guided meditation in English, discussion in German and English

Level: Beginner. Everybody is welcome to join.

Registration: Registration is only necessary if you participate physically at our Lhagsam Location: REGISTER HERE


April 28


19:00 - 21:00


Lhagsam Tibetan Meditation
Gablerstrasse 51
Zurich, 8002 Switzerland



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