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Purification on Guru Vajrasattva with Paula Chichester

Join our Vajrasattva Purification Practice with Paula Chichester!

WHEN: Tuesday November 09, 7.00 pm – 8.30 pm CET
WHERE: Online
LEVEL: Intermediate. Some basic understanding of Mahayana Buddhism is of benefit.

During this evening, Paula Chichester will guide us through the Vajrasattva Purification Practice and explain how we can purify our past negative karma with this powerful Tantric practice.

The teachings will cover the four opponent powers for purification; based on a deep sense of regret, the wish to take refuge in the Buddha, chant the 100-syllable mantra as the remedy, and finally pledge to resolve and refrain from future negative actions for as long as possible. The teachings will end with Paula Chichester taking questions about the practice.

This Vajrasattva practice and other purification practices are the ultimate answer, so everything in the world – what you see, every situation – tells you to practice Vajrasattva. To purify and do Vajrasattva practice is the ultimate answer, to stop the cause to be reborn in the lower realms and the immediate [result] is to have a higher rebirth, to make preparation for death and then to meet the Dharma, to meet the virtuous friend who reveals the path to enlightenment. Then to achieve ultimate happiness, to be free from samsara and to achieve enlightenment for the numberless sentient beings and to free them from the oceans of samsaric sufferings and bring them to full enlightenment.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Paula Chichester is known for her friendly, experiential teaching style that evolves from 4 decades of training in Tibetan Buddhist meditation, healing arts, yoga and chi gong. Her ability to distill and impart the essence of these disciplines is inspired by her teacher, Lama Thubten Yeshe. Read more


Cost: Suggested donation is 0 – 20 CHF. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. You can donate online (via Paypal, Twint or E-Banking).

Language: English

LevelIntermediate. Some basic understanding of Mahayana Buddhism is of benefit.

Registration: REGISTER HERE

PDF: Find the practice here


November 9


19:00 - 20:30



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