The Eight Types of Suffering

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The Eight Types of Suffering

Tonight we take a close look to the list of the eight types of suffering.

The eight sufferings are:
  • birth
  • aging
  • sickness
  • death
  • encountering the unpleasent
  • being separated from the pleasant
  • not achieving one’s desires even though one works for them
  • taking rebirth with contamiated aggregats


Number one and two we already discussed the last time, about the others we will learn more today. How do we meditate on it and why is it so imprtant to reflect on these topics?



Guided Meditation: Meditation 1: The Eight Sufferings

Discovering Buddhism course: Samsara & Nirvana, pages 29 – 35, tracks 3.1 – 3.5

Course duration: August 2018 – December 2018

Level: No prior knowledge required

Language: Teaching and guided meditation in English, discussion in German and English

Registration: No registration necessary. Drop-ins are welcome anytime, however frequent participation is required, if you would like to receive the completion certificate.

Cost: We do not charge for this event, because we do not want for the cost to become an obstacle for you to attend. However if you can, please pitch in to cover the teacher and venue cost, and to support future events like this one. We are truly thankful for your contribution and we guarantee that nobody will be turned away for the lack of funds.  If you have no clue, how much to donate, we suggest 10 CHF per each evening of this course.



October 9


19:00 - 21:00


QHaus Kreis 6
Langmauerstrasse 7
Zurich, 8006


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