Jan - Sept 2017

You’ll find our financial results published to the right on a quarterly basis to provide everyone a transparent view of our finances.

We’ve had another strong quarter bringing us to a total 2017 net income of 2,131 CHF at 30 September 2017. Thanks to all of our loyal members, and a series of wonderful teachers (Ven. Rene Feusi, Ven. Genden, Ani Losang, and Rafa Ferrer) over the last few months. This is a great trend and certainly helps our search for a permanent home to offer so much more to you and the entire Zurich community.  

We have a bright future, let’s make it happen together!

Fin-Q3 2017
Center Fund

The Center Fund is made of any leftover funds that we collect above our normal operating expenses. These funds will be used to continually expand our program to offer you even greater benefits.  The long term goal is to finance a permanent venue where we will expand our Dharma offering and increase the flexibility of our course offerings and events.

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