Meditation Facilitators

Meditation Facilitators


What I do at Lhagsam: I lead retreat days and sometimes other meditations.

My Buddhist life story: I have had an interest in Tibet and Buddhism already as a teenager. During extended travels in Asia I learned more about it. 2015 I was in India for a yoga teacher training when someone told me about the center Tushita and their 10 day Introduction to Buddhism course. I just knew that’s what I have to do. During the course I realised I found home and was craving for more Dharma teachings. I made it a priority in my life and decided to spend 6 month of the year in Nepal and India. I did various courses and retreats at Tushita, Kopan, Lauwdo and Thosamling Nunnery. My great passion is meditation, especially Shamata meditation. Spending up to 2 month in a monastery, going deeper and deeper into silence has been a life changing experience for me.


You don’t have to say anything. You don’t have to teach anything. You just have to be who you are: a bright flame shining in the darkness of despair. A shining example of a person able to cross bridges by opening your heart and mind.” ~Tsokny Rinpoche