Meditation Facilitators

Meditation Facilitators


What I do at Lhagsam: I lead the Green Tara practices and sometimes other meditations, whenever I can help out.

My Buddhist life story: I met the Dharma in 2015 when I was traveling in Asia. In Dharamsala I did the Tushita Introduction to Buddhism course. Later in this year, back in Switzerland, I moved to Zürich. I stepped over the announcement of the first event of Lhagsam, an evening course with Geshe Sherab. I went there and never left, I found my second family. With more and more study and practice I saw my life changing in a good direction and I decided to walk the Buddhist path. I did the FPMT Discovering Buddhism course and other courses and short retreats, also in other FPMT centers, and I met many very inspiring teachers. 2018 I did the November Course in Kopan, Nepal. And currently I’m doing the Basic Program from Jamyang London.


Imagine that Tara’s light fills you with power, the ability to act effortlessly, to do what needs to be done, with wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all living beings.”
– Green Tara Sadhana