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Dharma Toolkit – Demystifying Tibetan Buddhist Ritual

March 12, 2022 @ 14:00 - 15:30

With Miffi Maxmillion. This course is aiming it as an entry level course for the committed beginner and the curious practitioner.

[line] WHEN: Saturdays in February and March 2022, 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm CET
WHERE: Online
LEVEL: Intermediate. Some basic understanding of Mahayana Buddhism is of benefit. Beginners are welcome as well!


Dharma Toolkit is an interactive beginner series on everything you ever wanted to know about Tibetan Buddhist ritual but were afraid to ask! We may feel awkward or even slightly embarrassed performing rituals of a culture different than our own until we learn the meaning of those rituals and integrate them into our practice. With an understanding, Tibetan Buddhist ritual becomes a powerful connector to inner transformation and growth. A means to unify body, speech, and mind into a sum greater than its parts. The Dharma Toolkit series is a great introduction for beginners to combine Tibetan Buddhist philosophy with daily practice. As well as a refresher for returning students, to check they have all the ingredients necessary for a stable and flourishing Dharma practice.

February 5 – Session 1: Why have an altar?
Discover how to set up your own altar with the essential elements and how to customize it as a living practice, reflecting your own inner journey.

February 12 – Session 2: Why and how to make offerings
Making water bowl offerings is a simple yet profound practice that gentles the mind, and it is a unique way to practice generosity no matter your financial resources.

February 19 – Session 3: What is a mandala?
Mandalas are universal symbols of wholeness and transformation, found across cultures. In Buddhism this is also a way to break down our habitual ordinary (and often distorted) view of reality.

February 26 – Session 4: How to make a mandala offering
Explore the deeply symbolic meaning underlying the long mandala offering, a joyful and extremely satisfying practice of building up the three-tiered rice and jewel piles that represent a perfect world.

March 5 – Session 5: Prostrations and outrageous offerings
How do we embody our devotion? And how can we do it without superstition or existential discomfort, but with humility and joy? Discover how the practice of prostrations unifies body, speech, and mind into a powerful method of purification.

March 12 – Session 6: Mudras and bell and dorje
Discover the power of literally ’embodying’ the philosophy of tantric Buddhism, and the meaning behind the movements. Who can do them, when, and how to perform these transformative mystical gestures. Also, how to play the musical instruments of bell and drum in our practice.

March 19 – Session 7: Sangha etiquette and guru devotion
How to show fulfil our refuge commitment by respecting the sangha, and what to do if you experience difficulties. The profound purpose of guru devotion and how to tune your mind into Rinpoche’s teachings.

March 26 – Session 8: Daily practice and speech blessing
Putting it all together into the perfect prescription for modern-day life. Rinpoche’s tailor-made daily motivation and speech blessing (an essential if we have a family, a job, a life!).


About the Teacher

Miffi Maxmillion is the SPC at Langri Tangpa Centre, Brisbane Australia and is an FPMT registered teacher. Miffi was brought up a Buddhist and had the great good fortune to play with Lama Yeshe as a child. She is teaching classes and leading pujas with great enthusiasm and joy since over twenty years. Miffi’s passion is in bridging the seemingly disparate worlds of modern life and the rich inner experience of Buddhist practice. Read more



Cost: Suggested donation is 0-30 CHF for a session. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. You can donate online (via Paypal, Twint or E-Banking).

Language: English.

Level: Intermediate. Some basic understanding of Mahayana Buddhism is of benefit. Beginners are welcome as well!

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March 12, 2022
14:00 - 15:30
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