Becoming a member

Why become a member of Lhagsam?

Lhagsam is a non-for-profit association. By becoming a member of Lhagsam, you are helping us to finance the location, course organisation and other charitable projects. Your financial contribution makes Lhagsam sustainable and able to make Dharma teachings available. On top of enjoying the positive merit coming out of such a beneficial activity, you get the following benefits, dependent on your membership level. Last but not least, during the yearly general assembly, you take part in important decisions so that Lhagsam can grow and expand even more.

Membership levelGood friendGreat FriendBig Supporter Great Supporter
Monthly membership feeflexible monthly or yearly amount for people on a low income30 CHF50 CHF100 CHF or more 🙂
Invitation to the yearly Lhagsam General Assembly√√√√
Puja perfomed by the Kopan monks in Kathmandu dedicated to all benefactors
(a Puja is a special ceremony in which prayers are offered to the Buddhas to request their blessings)
Lhagsam Library Access√√√√
One selected Dharma book per year√√
Reserve your preferred seat when attending teachings in person√
Special Big Supporter Events (e.g. lunch with our lamas)√

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You will receive the payment details in your welcome e-mail after your registration. Your membership can be withdrawn anytime without a notice. If you are not a member, you are still welcome to all events.

Interested? Great! Here are the answers to some burning questions:

How do I become a Lhagsam member?

It’s easy! Just fill out the following form. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes. You will then receive a welcome e-mail with payment details. You will become a full member with all the benefits once we receive your first installment.

Yes, I would like to become a member

What are the membership payment options?

You will receive the payment details in your welcome e-mail after your registration. You will be able to either contribute in monthly installments by setting up a recurring PayPal payment or you can wire transfer your annual contribution to the Lhagsam bank account. For the yearly wire transfer we give  a 10% discount of the membership fees. You will receive a reminder e-mail by the end of the year with the bank details and amount to be paid

I want to become a member but I don't have much money. What can I do?

We are very happy to have you as a member! You can pay any amount that is possible for you, monthly or yearly. Just choose the Good Friend option.

How do I withdraw my Lhagsam Membership?

No problem. Please send us an email at and we will cancel your membership with immediate effect. Please note that we do not refund payments that have already occured.

Are my donations to Lhagsam tax-deductible?

Lhagsam is an association (Verein) registered by Swiss law, however we do not have a tax-exempt status. We have applied for it with the tax authorities and will share the news, when we get the response. For now, the contributions to Lhagsam bring lots of benefits to yourself and other living beings, but a tax deduction is not one of them yet 🙂