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How to Strengthen Your Bodhicitta Meditations

Join us for two evenings in the company of with Ven. Mary Reavey and get a deep understanding of the practice of the equanimity implicit in each of the four immeasurables. Learn how to cultivate wholesome qualities of the heart and allow your Buddha-nature to shine. For these qualities to benefit self and all beings, the establishment of equanimity is essential.

WHEN: Thursday, November 16 and 30, 7:00 – 8.30 pm CET
WHERE:  Onsite & Online Teacher online on Zoom – read below for disclaimer
LEVEL: Some basic understanding of Buddhism is recommended, but everyone is welcome!

REGISTRATION: Is recommended, allowing us to send out possible handouts.
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Immeasurable Equanimity – short version

Sem chän tham chä nye ring chag dang nyi dang drälwäi tang nyom la nä par gyur chig

  May all sentient beings abide in equanimity, free of attachment and hatred (for those held) close and distant.

Immeasurable Equanimity – long version

Sem chän tham chä nye ring chhag dang dang dräl wäi tang nyom la nä na chi ma rung

     How wonderful it would be if all sentient beings were to abide in equanimity, free from the closeness of attachment and the distance of hatred.

Nä par gyur chig

     May they abide in equanimity.

Nä par dag gi ja o

     I myself will cause them to abide in equanimity.

De tar je nü par la ma lhä jin gyi lab tu söl

     Please, Guru-Deity, bless me to be able to do this.

About the Teacher

Ven. Mary Reavey: Born in Dundee, Scotland, Ven Mary was a staff nurse when she first encountered FPMT’s mother monastery at Kopan in Nepal in 1978. It was her love of adventure and trekking that led her to this place, but Ven. Mary ended up attending a month-long course taught by Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche, who emphasised the importance of meditation and taking complete responsibility for your own actions and their effects. In 2001/02, Ven. Mary took ordination as a nun with Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Receiving her Bikshuni ordination in 2015, Ven. Mary has also taught in prisons and at hospitals and hospices.

Until 2012, Venerable taught meditation and Buddhist philosophy at Buddhist centres and hospitals in the UK. Over the years, Ven. Mary has undertaken and led many meditation retreats. She completed a one-year solitary retreat in 2014 and completes a three-month personal retreat each year.

*  Disclaimer: By joining the Zoom room, you accept Lhagsam to record the teacher who is always in the spotlight; participants are never recorded.
* Please note: The teacher will be online on Zoom; not in our center.


Suggested donation: Please consider supporting us with a donation. Suggested donation is 40 CHF per day. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. You can donate online (via Paypal, Twint or E-Banking).



Language: English.

Level: Some basic understanding of Buddhism is recommended, but everyone is welcome!

Registration:  Is recommended, allowing us to send out possible handouts.
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Prayer Book: Download here.


November 30


19:00 - 20:30


Lhagsam Tibetan Meditation Gablerstrasse 51
Zurich, 8002, Switzerland

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