New edition of the Discovering Buddhism program

New edition of the Discovering Buddhism program

We are excited to start the second round of the Discovering Buddhism program with the weekend edition of the course Mind and its Potential. Everyone is welcome! This course is perfectly suitable if Buddhism is new for you or if you did some of the other modules and you would like to explore the basis.

In the course Mind and its Potential you will examine the mind and how it creates happiness and suffering. You learn to transform destructive thoughts and attitudes to create a positive and joyous mind. To make sure we have a space for you, please register here.

Discovering Buddhism is FPMT’s beginner­ level program in Buddhist philosophy and practice, aimed at giving students a solid footing in the practice of Mahayana Buddhism. The program is designed not only as an academic study of Buddhism it is meant to change our daily lives. It consists of 14 courses that will be taught on the series of weekends. Mind and its Potential on July 13 and 20th will be the first course in this series.

Stay tuned for the following courses, which will take place on weekends in the coming months.