Visiting Teachers


Ven. Lozang Yönten

Ven Yozang Yonten

Venerable Lozang Yönten was ordained in 2003. Buddhist since her teenage years, Ven. Yönten moved to Australia at age 19 and studied extensively under Gyurmé Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering (at Chenrezig Institute) from 2002-2009 before moving to India to study at Thosamling Institute from 2010-2011. In 2012, she became a registered In-Depth teacher with the FPMT and was requested to become the resident teacher at Kunsang Yeshe Retreat Centre in New South Wales, Australia where she remained for three years and frequently visited up until the pandemic.

From 2015 onwards, Ven. Yönten was mainly based in New Zealand at Mahamudra Centre. During that period, she divided her time between leading retreats in New Zealand and teaching philosophy at Human Spirit: Buddhist Psychoanalytic Training Program in Israel, as well as offering classes and retreats in various parts of Europe, until she moved back to the USA in 2021.

Venerable offered retreats and courses at Vajrapani Institute and Land of Medicine Buddha – both in California before joining the Maitripa College faculty as a lecturer in Buddhist Studies and as their chaplain. She also has experience in hospice work and palliative care, as well as a deep commitment to social justice and a love of animals.